The following news bits were extracted from a series called "The Atlanta Century" published every Sunday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper in Atlanta, GA. The papers were reprinted in 1960 through 1965 and contain articles dated 100 years prior (1860 through 1865). With the permission of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper, I have extracted information that might be useful in your genealogical searches.

Because the papers span 5 years, the abstracts are not alphabetized but listed by year. The date that each article appeared is included in bold to help you calculate the actual date of the event.

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St. Paul, MN - Mrs Bilansky was hanged Friday for poisoning her husband in March 1859 - March 25
Rome, GA - GA political leader John Lumpkin died Wednesday of apoplexy

New York - Pirate Albert W. Hicks was hanged Friday the 13th - July 15

New York - Charles Goodyear died Sunday at 59 years of age

New York - Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth married Mary Devlin yesterday

Edmund French died yesterday which was the same day he was to go on trial for embezzlement - July 8

Sidney Webster married daughter of politician Hamilton Fish of NY on Thursday - June 24
Oglethorpe Co., GA - Planter William Smith was murdered by a slave yesterday

Cincinnati, OH - Henry Crawley who was a teacher in the Mt. Auburn Female Seminary was fatally stabbed on Wednesday night

Ensign Eldridge died in Chatham, MA after living without food for 77 days - June 10

New York - Newborn baby of single mother Mary Connor, 31 year old from County Dublin, Ireland, was mutilated by rats after child died in Bellevue Hospital on Monday - April 29
Cincinnati, OH - Joseph Hengst legally changed his German surname to Ewald. Hengst translated is "stud horse"

Washington - Sam Marshall's wife who was a colored woman was sold by her owner to a slave trader. A group of Washington citizens re-purchased her for $800 so that she could stay with her husband of 20 yrs and 7 children - April 8

Lumpkin, GA - Dr. J. L. Porter was shot and killed by J. M. Cain on Monday

Francis Oursler was killed by cannon discharge

A Negro hackman named Robert was given 10 lashes in Petersburg, VA for refusing to carry passengers to the depot when not otherwise engaged

Appomattox, VA - Banjoist Joe Sweeney died yesterday at the age of 45

Neposse, MA - James C. (Grizzly) Adams died Friday at the age of 55 - October 28

Van Buren, AR - Brothers Rufus and Jackson Covington and the son of Rufus, Richard Covington, were killed by Silas and Benjamin Edwards as the result of an old family feud - October 28
Richmond, VA - William Smith, a slave who was charged with striking a White boy with a whip, was sentenced Tuesday to receive 25 lashes - October 14
Norfolk, VA - Dick Ryan, ringleader of slave revolt, along with another free Negro were shot and killed in Halifax, NC

Somerville, AL - MA teacher William J. Brewster was ordered from this town because of a letter from a well-known abolitionist found in his trunk congratulating him for his labors in "the cause" - October 7

Lynchburg, TX - Isiah T. Irwin, speaker of the GA Legislature, was killed Friday when the steamship Bayou City sank after an explosion

Action, ME - 104 year old Ralph Farnham, only surviving veteran of the Battle of Bunker Hill, is to attend festivities in his honor on October 8 - September 30

Truxillo, Honduras - William Walker, 36 year old soldier-of-fortune, was executed in Honduras on Wednesday by a firing squad

New York - Thomas D. Rice, writer of song and dance called "Jim Crow" in 1832, died - September 16

William Clinton, 1st Lt., 10th Infantry Recruiting Officer, was the name on a U. S. Army want ad - September 2

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Confederate General Barnard E. Bee and Colonel Francis Bartow were killed at Bull Run on Monday. Union Colonel James Cameron, brother of Union War Secretary Simon Cameron, was killed at Bull Run - July 28
Alexandria, VA - 24 year old Union Colonel Elmer Ellsworth was killed by James W. Jackson who in turn was killed immediately by Corporal Francis Brownell - May 26
Chicago, IL - Senator Stephen a Douglas died Monday at the age of 48 of typhoid Fever - June 9
Lane, IL - T. D. Burke who was accused of arson was hanged from the courhouse by irate citizens - June 16
Buckhannon, VA - Confederate Brig. General Robert S. Garnett was killed yesterday at Laurel Hill, VA

Raleigh, NC - Gov. John W. Ellis died Sunday at Red Sulphur Springs

Henry County, VA - 104 year old Matthew Seay, veteran of the Revolutionary War, died - July 14

Manassas Junction, VA - Charles, Negro servant of Adjutant B. H. Burk, captured a Federal soldier and turned him over to Brig. General Milledge L. Bonham

New York - 6 year old Ellen Maria Gorman died Wednesday of alcoholic poisoning from drinking brandy left after the wake of her late parents days before - July 21

Richmond, VA - 28 year old Sally Thompkins opened the Robertson Hospital for wounded Confederates

Richmond, VA - P. H. Oliver, owner of the celebrated Negro pianist "Blind Tom" is here to arrange several concerts... - August 4

New York - Ex-mayor of NY Aron Clark and Ex-Govenor of CT Joseph Trumbull died this week - August 11
Murfreesboro, NC - Mrs Sue Foster applied for a divorce from her husband on grounds that he is an abolitionist - September 1
Orange Court House, VA - Colonel Egbert J. Jones died here Thursday of wounds at the Battle of Bull Run - September 8
Washington - What is believed to be the first Union pension given to a volunteer's widow was to the widow of W. B. Richardson - September 15
Richmond, VA - 10th President of the U. S. John Tyler died yesterday at the age of 71. He was married to Julia Gardiner in 1844

Ft. Wise, CO TERR. - Union Captain Elmore Otis married the daughter of Major A. G. Boone and granddaughter of Daniel Boone - January 19

Leesburg, VA - Colonel E. D. Baker was killed at Ball's Bluff on Monday - October 27
Atlanta, GA - Officers of "The Fulton True Blues", a Condederate coastal defense unit, were Captain Albert Howell, 1st Lt. Joseph Thompson, 2nd Lt. Warren Jourdan and 3rd Lt. R. A. Fife - October 13
New York - Dancer Lola Montez died Thursday at the age of 42. Her real name was Eliza Gilbert, and she was born in Ireland - January 20
Austin, TX - On Tuesday, Governor Sam Houston pardoned Negro slave Bill who was convicted of assault w/intent to kill George C. Dawson - February 10
Richard Bruce, a Negro man who died a few days ago, left $1,100 to buy freedom for his children. All of his children were married and not willing to separate, so it bought freedom for a grandson

16 year old James L. Houston died in Tallahassee, FL after he had been using chloroform for the pain of a toothache - February 24

Levi Q. C. McGinnis was hanged Friday at Cumming, GA

John Burkhalter, Revolutionary War soldier, died in Marion Co., GA on Friday at the age of 98 - March 24

Pugilist John Morrissey died in NY yesterday of diphtheria - April 7

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Washington - 4 1/2 year old Herbert, son of Navy Secretary Wells, died Tuedsay of diphtheria and will be buried in Hartford, CT

Fairfax Court House, VA - Union General Francis E. Patterson, former TX Ranger, was killed yesterday from the accidental discharge of his own pistol - November 23

New Orleans, LA - Union Army Captain S. Tyler Reed was charged with shooting a Negro boy, William Bird, in the eye and shooting at Sgt. Samuel Pollock and Sgt. Henry Blake at Camp Williams

Charleston SC - Corporal George H. Burger of the 1st SC Regt. was shot by firing squad at noon Wednesday for desertion and persuading others to desert - August 31

Marietta, GA - Thomas L. Ross, Confederate States marshal for GA, was shot and killed by gambler Joseph Harrison - December 7
Richmond, VA - John Richardson alias Louis Napoleon is to be hanged next Friday for counterfeiting - August 17
Washington - Confederate Colonel A. H. Todd, brother of President Lincoln's wife, died Tuesday of wounds received in Battle of Baton Rouge - August 24
New York - William H. Hawkins, Negro steward of the ship Lammergayer, was hanged Thursday for murder - June 29
Union General G. D. Bayard died Sunday of wounds received in the Battle of Fredericksburg - December 21
Augusta, GA - Rev. Dr. Ford of St. Paul's Church died Friday - Nevember 22
Augusta, GA - General David E. Twiggs died Tuesday at the age of 73 - July 20
Kinderhook, NY - Former President Martin Van Buren died Thursday at the age of 79 - July 27
Confederate General J. B. Villepigue b. 1830 SC died Sunday at Port Hudson, MS

Confederal General Allison Nelson died Sunday nr Little Rock, AR - November 16

Richmond, VA - Timothy Webster, agent for Allan Pinkerton, was hanged by Confederate officials on Monday

Providence, RI - Inventor Perry Davis died Friday at the age of 71 - May 4

Atlanta, GA - James J. Andrews 34 years old was hanged yesterday for stealing a railroad locomotive. He was to have married Elizabeth Layton of Flemingsburg, KY

General Turner Ashby died Friday from action at Harrisonburg

New Orleans, LA - Gambler William R. Mumford was hanged yesterday for leading citizens in tearing down a Union flag after the capture of New Orleans - March 27

Charleston, SC - Negro wheelsman Robert Smalls stole Confederate General R. Ripley's flagship and delivered it to the Union forces - May 18
Dover, KY - Former Mayor W. T. Casto was killed in a duel on Thursday - May 11
Nashville, TN - Union General R. L. McCook was killed on Wednesday - August 10
Confederate Generals T. R. R. Cobb and Maxcy Gregg, and Union Generals C. F. Jackson and G. D. Bayard were killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg yesterday

General John Hunt Morgan 37 years old married Martha Ready 16 years old on Sunday December 14th - December 14

Richmond, VA - Dick, a slave of President Davis and Oliver, another slave are on trial for stealing several thousand dollars worth of blank $20 Confederate Treasury notes - November 30
Louisville, KY - Union General William Nelson was shot and killed on Monday by General Jefferson C. Davis (no relationship to President Jefferson Davis) - October 5
Union Brig. General W. H. L. Wallace of OH was killed at Shiloh. Confederate Brig. General Adley H. Gladden of SC, Govenor of KY George W. Johnson and General Albert Sidney Johnston of KY were killed at Shiloh - April 13
Knoxville, TN - Seven Union train thieves to go to the gallows this week in Atlanta are George D. Wilson, Marion A. Ross, Samuel Slavens, Philip G. Shadrach, William H. Campbell, John M. Scott and Samuel Robertson. All but Campbell were from the 2, 21 and 33 Regiments of the OH Volunteer Infantry - June 15
Rome, Italy - Mrs. Winfield Scott died here Tuesday - June 15
Baltimore, MD - 110 year old Negro Jack Murray died. He was born in Baltimore - January 5
Hartford, CT - Colonel Samuel Colt, arms maker, died Friday of "an acute attack upon the brain" - January 12

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Mecklenberg, VA - Humbertson Skipworth, VA's largest slaveholder died - September 13
Petersburg, VA - Confederate General G. E. Pickett married Sallie corbell of Nansemond County - September 20
General Ben Hardin Helm, husband of Mrs. Lincoln's half-sister was killed...Confederate General Preston Smith and General James Deshler were also killed. Union General W. H. Lytle was killed

Richmond, VA - Henson Futch of the 3rd NC Regt. was found guilty of abetting the murder of Adj. Richard Mallet and will be executed this week

Richmond, VA - Spy and deserter Spencer Kellogg was hanged at Camp Lee on Friday - November 27

Federals J. W. Coffey and Christopher Coffey were shot for desertion in Munfordsville, KY - September 6
Indianapolis, IN - Robert Gaw was shot Friday by order of a court martial for desertion from the 71st IN Rgt. of Volunteers

Montgomery, AL - W. B. Howell, President Jefferson Davis' father-in-law died

Columbus, OH - Union General James Cooper died yesterday at the age of 53 - March 29

Macon, GA - Major Elam Alexander died Tuesday of colic from eating oysters

Hanford, CT - Colonel Seymour will marry the widow of the late Samuel Colt

Nashville, TN - Sgt. Charles Johnson, son of Andrew Johnson, was killed when thrown from his horse - April 5

Washington - John S. Meehan, librarian of the Library of Congress, died Friday at the age of 73 - April 26
Boston, MA - Assistant U. S. Treasurer Ezra Lincoln died Monday of apoplexy - June 21
Philadelphia, PA - Former editor of the Philadelphia Age F. J. Grund died Monday - October 4
Baltimore, MD - Archbishop Francis Patrick Kendrick died Thursday at the age of 66 - July 12
New York - Union Admiral Andrew Hull Foote died Friday at the age of 56 June 28
Cleveland, OH - "Negro musician know as Professor Martin was married wednesday to a White woman Mary W. Barnes. Several White ministers refused to perform the rites but a Negro pastor did."

Carrolton, KY - Union Private Adam Reynolds was hanged at Nashville for murder

J. A. Gurley who was to have served as governor of AZ TERR. died

Samuel Barrows was killed from a boiler explosion on a steamer that he built - August 23

Augusta, GA - Robert Copeland was killed on Wednesday in a duel with C. A. Red - November 1
New York - Commodore Henry W. Morris died Friday - August 16
Newark, NJ - Physician J. S. Darcy died Thurssday of paralysis

Boston, MA - Miss Kate Chase will wed Governor William Sprague of RI on November 12th - October 25

Buffington Island, OH - Union Paymaster Daniel McCook, father of 10 sons, died Tuedsay from wounds

Frankfort, KY - John J. Crittenden died today at the age of 77. His son George was a Confederate General, and his son Thomas L. and nephew Thomas T. were Union generals - July 26

Savannah, GA - Confederate attorney for the district of GA J. C. Nicoll died Monday - November 22
Washington - Supreme Court granted a divorce on Thursday to Brig. General John Milton Brannan whose wife mysteriously disappeared from NY years ago. It turns out that she actually eloped with an army officer

Charleston, SC - Private Jacob Adams of the 46th GA was executed Monday for desertion - May 24

Nashville, TN - Union Private Julius Milek of the 10th MI Infantry was shot on Friday for desertion

Richmond, VA - Lt. General T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson died of pneumonia on Sunday May 10th

Athens, GA - Dr. M. A. Ward, professor at University of GA died - May 17

Abingdon, VA - Confederate General John B. Floyd died Wednesday at the age of 57

Simeon L. Loomis, President of Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. died last Sunday

James Peacock, former postmaster at Harrisburgh, PA died last Sunday

The widow of Admiral A. H. Foote died on Wednesday in New Haven, CT and is survived by two sons

Confederate General J. C. Pemberton died in Selma, AL - August 30

Cincinnati, OH - W. F. Corbin and T. G. McGrau were sentenced to be shot May 14 for recruiting Confederate soldiers inside Union lines - May 3
General C. C. Wilson died Tuedsay

Captured Confederate soldier Sam Davis was hanged Friday because he wore a blue overcoat which, according to the court, meant that he was a spy

Philadelphia, PA - Inventer Levi Short died Thursday - November 29

Abingdon, VA - Thomas White was shot and killed Sunday in an argument with Colonel Clarence Prentice - November 15
Samuel Houston 70 years old died Sunday in Huntsville, TX

Montgomery, AL - William L. Yancey died Monday of a kidney ailment

Union General G. C. Strong died thursday in NY City of wounds - August 2

Confederate Generals J. E. Rains, R. W. Hanson and Union General J. W. Sill were killed in battle at Stones River

Grand Rapids, MI - Mrs. Mary Ann Rythers applied for a divorce because her husband is a Confederate army officer - January 4

Montgomery, AL - Spy Daniel E. Starr was found hanging from a tree - March 29
General Ormsby Mitchel died at Port Royal, NC and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery yesterday

Boston, MA - Army correspondent George Washburn married Phoebe Garnaut, adopted daughter of abolitionist Wendell Phillips - January 18

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Providence, RI - U.S. Dist. Court Judge John Pitman 80 years old was found dead Thursday - November 20
Charleston, SC - Mr. & Mrs John Mullally, while in bed, were killed by a federal shell Sunday night - November 13
Rome, GA - Union General T. E. Ransom died en route here from wounds receied nr Atlanta

Richmond, VA - Confederate General J. J. Archer died Monday - October 30

Milledgeville, GA - Magistrate William Balson was shot and killed after resisting arrest for refusing to go into the military service

Philadelphia, PA - General D. B. Birney died Tuesday - October 23

Washington - Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Tancy died Wednesday at the age of 88 - October 16
Wilmington, NC - Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow was drowned Friday. She was the widow of a U.S. State Dept. official and had four daughters - October 2
Oskaloosa, IA - Union General S. A. Rice died from wounds at Jenkins Ferry - July 10
General V. J. B. Girardey and J. R. Chambliss were killed Tuesday

Petersburg, VA - Colonel D. Cahplin died yesterday from wounds - August 21

Colonel J. M. Brown, brother of Gov. Joseph Brown, died Monday in Milledgeville from wounds in Battle of Atlanta

Confederate General C. H. Stevens died Monday of wounds received July 20 at Peach Tree Creek

Confederate General S. Benton died Thursday of wounds

Syracuse, NY - 102 year old Reverend Daniel Waldo, veteran of Revolutionary War, died yesterday

Clyde, OH - 35 year old Union General J. B. McPherson was killed in the Battle of Atlanta - July 31

Petersburg, VA - Union Colonel G. A. Stedman was killed Friday - August 7
Atlanta, GA - Well-known Negro barber Sam Luckie was killed at Whitehall and Alabama Streets - August 14
London, England - Confederate spy Belle Boyd was married Thursday to U.S. Ensign S. W. Hardinge - August 28
Greeneville, TN - Confederate General John Hunt Morgan was killed here last Sunday - September 11
City Point, VA - General U. S. Grant found time to enjoy his family...Frederick D. 14, Ulysses S. Jr. 12, Nellie R. 9 and Jesse R. 6

Winchester, VA - General R. E. Rodes, General D. A. Russell, Colonel J. A. Mulligan and F. H. Peck were killed in battle on Monday

City Point, VA - General Grant had a Negro orderly named Henry Prince - September 25

Franklin, TN - Generals Pat R. Cleburne, H. B. Granbury, John Adams and O. F. Strahl were killed at the Franklin Battle on Wednesday

Paris, France - U. S. Minister to France William L. Dayton died here Thursday at the age of 57 - December 4

Petersburg, VA - Union General J. St. Clair Morton, Colonel J. A. Swayze Jr. and Colonel G. L. Prescott were killed

Kennesaw Mountain, GA - Confederate General Leonidas K. Polk was killed on Tuesday at the crest of Pine Mountain

New York - General Winfield Scott observed his 78th birthday Monday - June 19

At.anta, GA - Union General J. B. McPherson died in battle Friday at the age of 35, and Union Colonel G. A. Cobham died in battle on Wednesday

Cincinnati, OH - Colonel Dan McCook of the celebrated McCook family died Sunday of wounds at Kennesaw Mountain, GA. He is the 4th member of the family to die in the war - July 24

Lexington, KY - Lucretia Clay 83 years old and wife of Henry Clay died Wednesday in the home of her son John - April 10
Savannah, GA - 8 year old William graves was sent to prison to await trial for killing two young girls

Richmond, VA - Free and runaway Negroes sold at city hall...James Butler 35 yrs old and free $2,930, Anna Tonget 20 yrs old and free $3,000 and her sister Lucy 25 yrs old and free $3,410 - April 16

Richmond, VA - 7 year old Joseph Davis, son of President Jefferson Davis, died yesterday of injuries from a fall

Boston, MA - Inventor Thomas Blanchard died at the age of 75

Alexandria, LA - Confederate Generals Horace Randal and William Scurry were killed at Jenkins' Ferry - May 1

Washington - Cornelius Tuell was hanged Friday for the murder of his wife - July 10
Confederate General A. G. Jenkins died yesterday, and James B. Gordon died Wednesday from wounds in battle - May 22
Brooklyn, NY - Owen Lovejoy an IL Republican died Friday - March 27
Union General Alexander Hays was killed in battle at Drowry's Bluff

Confederate Generals Leroy A. Stafford, J. M. Jones and Micah Jenkins were killed in battle at Drowry's Bluff

New York - Commodore W. D. Porter 54 years old died Sunday - May 8

Washington - Brig. general Joseph G. Totten died Friday

Atlanta, GA - Singer Harry Macarthy died - April 24

Federal Colonels John C. McConihe, P. A. Porter, O. H. Morris, L. O. Morris, E. S. Kellogg, J. C. Drake, Frank Haskell and J. P. McMahon were killed at the Battle of Cold Harbor this week - June 5
Richmond, VA - Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart died Thursday of wounds from the Battle of Yellow Tavern

Staunton, VA - General W. E. Jones was killed in battle on Tuesday - June 12
Union Generals J. C. Rice, J. J. Owens, T. G. Stevenson and John Sedgwick were killed in battle at Spotsylvania

Confederate Generals A. M. Perrin and Junius Daniel were killed in the battle at Spotsylvania

The first burial of a soldier at Arlington National Cemetery on Friday was L. Reinhardt of the 2nd NC Rgt.

John Harris, Marine Corps Chief, died thursday - May 14

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Washington - Chicagoan Mary Harris 20 years old killed Andrew J. Burroughs 35 years old

Cleveland, OH - Camp Sumter prison keeper S. B. Davis who was arrested in Cincinnati is to be hanged at Johnson's Island February 17 - February 5

Private Newell W. Root was hanged at City Point, VA Friday for desertion - January 29
Washington - General J. H. Kitching died Tuesday of wounds sustained at Cedar Creek, VA

Louisville, KY - William Hanna died in a blaze at The Galt House Hotel

Hartford, CT - Bishop of CT T. C. Brownell died Friday at the age of 86 - January 15

Boston, MA - Orator Edward Everett died Sunday. He would have been 71 on April 11

Chicago, IL - Steam-fitter C. H. Coon was killed after falling into a vat of boiling lard in a pork packing plant

Richmond, VA - Confederate General John Pegram married Hetty Cary of Baltimore, MD on Thursday - January 22

Washington - John Wilkes Booth who assasinated President Lincoln was killed in a burning barn near Fort Royal, VA - April 30
Nashville, TN - Andrew Jackson Jr., adopted son of 7th president, died Sunday after accidentally shooting himself during a hunting trip - April 23
Washington - 56 year old President Abraham Lincoln died yesterday at 7:22 a.m. after being shot by John Wilkes Booth - April 16
Louisville, KY - Confederate guerrilla Jorome Clarke, aka:Sue Munday, was hanged on Thursday for murder

New York - Robert Cobb Kennedy will be hanged March 24 for spying - March 19

Washington - Former MD Governor T. H. Hicks 68 years old died Tuesday at Metropolitan Hotel - February 19
New York - Confederate Captain John Beall a spy and raider was hanged on Governor's Island on Friday - February 26
New York - Confederate General W. H. C. Whiting died at Governor's Island on Friday - march 12
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WILDFIRE - Owned by Boston shipping firm - 1860

JOSEPHINE - Capt. Wm F. Carter NY - 1860


ORION - Capt. Thomas Morgan, 1st Mate Byron J. Chamberlain, 2nd Mate William Dunbam - Boston - 1860


BRUTUS - Owned by A. S. Bigelow and A. H. Potter of New Bedford, MA - 1861

George Mead - Old Four Eyes
Richard S. Ewell - Old Bald Head
James Longstreet - Old Pete
Hugh J. Kilpatrick - Kill Cavalry
Ambrose P. Hill - Little Powell
William Tecumseh Sherman - Uncle Billy
John H. Morgan - The Marion of the West
John B. Magruder - Prince John
J. E. B. Stuart - Prince Rupert
H. W. Halleck - Old Brains
Nathan Bedford Forrest - The Wizard of the Saddle
Joseph E. Johnston - Retreating Joe
Joseph Hooker & Joseph Wheeler - Fighting Joe
Patrick Cleburne - The Stonewall of the West
Jubal A. Early - Old Jubilee
W. S. Rosecrans - The Wild Dutchman
O. M. Mitchel - Old Stars
G. B. McClellan - The Little Napoleon
Edward Johnson - Old Alleghen6
Sterling G. Price - Old Skedad
R. H. Milroy - The War Eagle
N. P. Banks - Commissary
J. A. Logan - Black Jack
Leonidas Polk - The Fighting Bishop - 1863

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The following news bits were extracted from the Newark Daily Advertiser(NJ) dated Thursday evening, January 14, 1858.

Township of Belleville, Co. of Essex - Henry M. Coeyman died recently and land was to be divided among the orphaned children Mary Ann Russell, Henrietta S. Russell, John M. Russell and James C. Russell. Also entitled to share were Rachel Jones, John D. H. Coeyman, Eliza Coeyman and Amanda Phelps - January 2, 1857

Moses R. King, Esq. of the firm King & Bond died leaving Aaron M. King, James F. Bond and Samuel W. Bond to continue the business - August 1, 1856
22 year old Charles L. Cater who murdered Warden Tenny of the MA State Prison died in jail on Tuesday
Slave ships that arrived at the Island of St. Helena were H. M. Steamer Alecio on the November 24th and a schooner that arrived under the name of Lucia on November 4th. The later's stern showed the name "Windward of New London", painted over
George Brown married Susan Whitfield on the 13th by Rev. J. O. Rogers
26 year old Emma Parkhurst died on the 3rd in Springfield. She was the wife of Aaron Parkhurst and daughter of Samuel C. Smith
49 year old Delia Sophia died at the residence of her son-in-law Jacob Rapp on the 13th in Jersey City. She was the widow of the late Daniel D. Jacobus
44 year old Caroline Balch died on the 13th in Saratoga. She was the wife of W. B. Balch
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